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Commissioned quilts are created for specific client requests.  The ideas of the client are discussed to focus on theme, colors, patterns and variations to create that special quilt. 
Commissioned Quilts
Sun Dress Quilt

This is from a collection of toddler sun dresses that were saved for that special time when a Mom wants to create a memory for her daughter.  All the dresses are from the original dress fabric and the outer border is in denim.
T-Shirt Quilt

A collection of sports activities from elementary to high school are the focus of this custom quilt.  The center block and the color theme is the young persons crowning! This made a great twin size quilt for that new college dorm room!  Photos of those who inspired this person the most are accented in the center.
Memory Photo Quilt

The star pattern in greens and golds incorporates 30 photos from childhood through adult for a wonderful 30th birthday surprise.  Some special words of wisdom and hand drawn artwork were also included to make this a very special Memory Quilt.  The approximate size is 50" x 55".
Hand Embroidered Designs

The hand embroidered designs were created several years ago by a loving Great Aunt that passed away before the quilt could be completed for her new Grand Neice.  The request was to complete the quilt with the original materials in the intended design.  The approximate size is 36" x 36"
St. Raymond's Auction Quilt 2007

The blocks have Celtic Crosses drawn by classroom Mom's and hand painted by the 1st grade students and labeled with each name. This was definitely a cooperative project!  Their annual auction raises much needed funds for the continuance of the school and is the assignment of the 1st grade class each year.  
St. Raymond's Auction Quilt 2008

Another creative work of art from the 1st grade class in a Christmas Quilt!  Each block is made from a painted hand print and decorated as a Christmas Tree, Mitten, Santa and his Reindeer.
Hand Embroidered
Designs 2

Another set of hand embroidered designs were displayed in this quilt arrangement for a second Grand Neice, as in the photo above.  The five blocks were arranged in a 48" x 57" quilt using the popular Beatrix Potter licensed fabric.  Her name and birthdate were machine embroidered on adjacent blocks.

Not my best photo, sorry. Click on photo for larger view.
St. Nicholas 5th Grade Class 2008

This colorful geometric blocks were hand sewn by the students as part of a class presented by docents from the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  The classroom Mom's selected the complimentary border and reverse side.  I was asked to assemble and complete it for their Annual Auction.