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   Quilted Sweatshirts

Quilt Gallery

Crazy Quilt

I just love the color blue!  And my fabric collection seems to show it!  This is a tied quilt and has a higher loft batting to make it feel more like a comforter. The size is approximately 45" x 50"
Lovers Knot

This design in cream and green is a traditional quilt pattern that makes a great wedding gift.  Ozzie, my daughters Shih Tzu is not included!
Stack n' Whack

Funny name for a design, but that's just what it is.  This kaliedoscope style is made of dogs as you can see in the border but the unique way it is created gives a very different illusion.  This is a fun pattern that can be created in any mid to large scale print fabric.
Here are some of the various size quilts I have completed since I began quilting several years ago.  Many of them have been given as gifts and a few of them grace the walls of my home.  There are many reasons to create quilts and no two will ever really be the same because of the unique ways we create a little of ourselves into each one. 
Sunshine Quilt

A cheery faced Sun and colorful rainbows make this a wonderful addition to a childs room.
Sailboats and Sports

A great shower gift for the new baby boy with cute prints of sailboats, baseball and other sports in colorful primary colors.
Lilly's Quilt

Participants of my daughters baby shower created individual blocks with either supplied materials or their own creations to make this larger crib sized quilt.  This quilt included blocks created by her co-workers and we still have enough blocks to create at least two more quilts from all the other participants.
Brown Crib Quilt

This cute doggie print crib quilt features a plush soft brown velour border for those chilly days.
Pink and Black Crib Quilt

Pink and black scraps make this into a darling little girls quilt with the luxurious soft pink "Minkee" fabric on the reverse side.
Primary Colors

Primary colors are always great for children.  This one features a cute doggie print in the center and also has the ever-so-soft green "Minkee" fabric border with a red flannel back.

Hunting Theme for Baby??

I know there are some of you with Hunting Dad's in the family and he wants that new baby boy to grow up loving to hunt just like him!  Well here is a unique way of combining that theme with your little boys blankie!  Cute brown caterpillers dance a wandering design over the green background and on the reverse side is a camo color woodland print.