One of a Kind Quilted Designs by Darla Bunker

About the Artist
Welcome to The Queen of website and thank you for taking the time to visit our online gallery.

The Queen of Quilting website was established as a result of a passion for quilts and fabric arts.  Launched in 2007, Designs by Darla offers custom quilts and gift ideas.  Each quilt and gift is uniquely designed for the client and as such the finest quality fabrics and threads available are used to produce your one of a kind Design by Darla.

A Passion for quilting began when Darla and her Mom signed up for a quilt sampler class given by a wonderful woman and quilter, Ann Majors at the urging of a close friend who wanted to share the love of sewing with friends.   After many years making costumes, curtains, and outfits for her daughters, quilting became her new passion.   A few quilts later Darla began creating quilts as gifts for close friends and relatives.  With a move to the West Coast she found new inspiration working part time in the local quilt shop learning some very different techniques from well established artists in the area.  She even had the pleasure of meeting Alex Anderson at one of the local quilt shows.  

From her association with the local quilt shop came referrals for custom created quilts that busy women just did not have the time nor the ability to create.  This website showcases her own quilts, commissioned quilts and some interesting gift ideas.

If you are interested in creating a quilt for that special occassion and just have ideas and no time, contact Darla and she will gladly discuss various plans to help you create that cherished memory.
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Darla and Alex Anderson at the San Francisco Quilt Show